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Game Spy Vs Spy

Spy vs Spy Cover

Spy vs Spy
Nomber of part: 1.Part
Languages :Multi.5-German,French,English,Espanol,Italien (in
Genre :3rd Person Action
Multi :1-4 Player
System Link :Yes
Online gaming :Yes Xlink / Yes Xbe
Content Download:No
The classic rivalry that has fueled the pages of MAD Magazine for
over 40 years hits the X-Box like you have never seen it before.
The black spy and white spy are up to their usual
antics...acquiring top secret plans by sabotaging their opponent.
However, this time they have company! Play as the black spy,
white spy, gray spy or mech spy, as you engage in the only game
to mix shooter, strategy and platform gaming elements. Get to
the plans before your friends and be named the top agent! Only
one person will be left standing!
Featuring eight action-packed single and multiplayer game
modes, Spy vs. Spy lets gamers take on the roles of the diabolical
spies from MAD Magazine?s beloved long-running comic strip. In
addition to split-screen offline multiplayer, Spy vs. Spy allows up
to four people to participate in wild online skirmishes with
support for Xbox Live.

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